Name: Donald Ray Shockey
Birth: December 20, 1949
Birthplace: Page, WV
Status: Living
Father: Robert Emmit Shockey, Sr
Mother: Willie Murle Haskett-Shockey
Siblings: Robert Emmit "Bobby" Shawkey, Jr, Garnet Louise Shockey-Vickers, Beluah L. Shockey, John William "Johnny" Shockey, Jerry Glenn Shawkey, Gary Gene Shockey, Wanda Marie Shockey-Farmer, James Andrew "Jimmie" Shockey, Thomas Floyd Shockey, Donna Faye Shockey-Strickland, Teressa Lynn Shockey-Beavers
Spouse(s): Sandra Kathleen Coleman, Twalla Jean Barber-Lowry
Child: Donald Shane Shockey

Donald Ray Shockey was born on December 20, 1949 in Page, WV. He is the son of Robert Emmit Shockey, Sr and Willie Murle Haskett-Shockey.

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